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How I heat my home by mining crypto currencies

and cutting my electricity bill in half in the process

App controlled garden irrigation system for less than 20 Bucks

put those Raspberry Pis you have laying around to a good use

Build your own datacenter with PXE and Alpine

Who needs docker when you can run old laptops as blade servers

Making a smart meter out of a dumb one for 4 $

and displaying it on an awesome dashboard

How to fight child pornography with a Raspberry Pi and deep learning

Finding illegal content with just 10 Watts of power

Raspberry Pi + Deep Learning home security system

From start to finish

Teaching your fish tank LEDs new tricks

for just a few bucks and you can even make some virtual clouds

DIY vertical hydroponic system

grow vegetables in small spaces

DIY cloud lamp for fun and profit

ok, just for fun.. no profit involved

Letting students mod school computers

with some amazing results

Raspberry Pi controlled power sockets

it's as easy as it sounds

Water cooled NAS made from spare parts

with Macguyverish solutions for common problems

DIY: Cheap wall mounted, water cooled PC for 51$

with LED backlight and and all the good stuff

Repairing a closed loop CPU water cooler with aquarium tubing

air bubbles... those f***ing air bubbles