Let's analyze over twenty thousand proxies

It won't get much better

In my last post I tested 443 proxies and analyzed how safe they are.

Now I have expanded my project by scanning 25443 proxy servers. Like the ones before I just googled "Free proxies", let my Proxy Scanner run through them and collected what I've found. These are my findings

Online vs Offline

Since this was a fresh list more than 50% of the servers were online.

Online vs Offline


Again most servers blocked encrypted HTTPS connections. This means most of them only accept traffic the proxy owners can just extract photos, logins and everything else you use them for.


Injecting data

Injecting HTML

Injecting JS

Altering any data

Good vs bad

Not much more than a quarter of the proxies I've tested can be considered as safe. This of course includes the HTTP only proxies.

Good vs bad proxies

To sum this all up

If you are using a free proxy server from the internet you can easily get your data stolen.


Don't use free proxies

Raw data

Test Result
Tested 25443
Online 13307
Offline 12136
No HTTPS 8294
Modified JS 2747
Modified HTML 2391
Not modifying content 8171
Tags: proxies security proxy

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