Finding bombs in the forest

treasure hunters make it easy to find them

In the end of WW2, when Vienna was overtaken by allied forces, the Wehrmacht was pushed in the woods around the city where they tried to regroup.

To this day you can find many bomb crates in these woods but thats not the only thing lying around there.

While hiking

I found many piles of old metal, cups, glasses and concrete.

Most of the cups I found were the these Wermacht-issued blue military cups.

military blue cups

And sometimes the soldiers brought fancy cups from home. This seems to be a handle from one of them.

handle from nice cup

But I also found these piles

pile of grenades and ammo

Reporting via Twitter

They were neatly stacked when I found them so I thought they already have been reported but I was wrong. When I asked my local police station via twitter they responded very fast, told me to call the police right away and not to touch any of it.

Twitter response from the police

I took my jacked and wanted to go to the woods to check if the grenades are still there but before I even left the door the police called me and asked me if I'm the one who posted on Twitter and they'll send a car to the location where I found it and told me to meet the officers there.

Meeting the police in the woods

Police in the woods

After verifying the location, the police called the bomb squad and while waiting for them I walked around in the beautiful woods a bit more to check if I can find more stashes. My corgi turned out to be quite the bomb dog (smile if you find the Corgi in the picture in under 5 seconds).

More searching in the woods

More grenades and ammo parts

I found more stashes

Another stash of WW2 ammo

Another stash of WW2 ammo

The bomb squad came in casual cloths

They had a wooden crate with an "explosives" sign with them and we showed them the stashes.

Bomb squad

Bomb corgi was supervising the situation

Bomb corgi

Like a history lesson

The senior member of the bomb squad told the police and me many details about what I found. Remember the cap from the first image (left)? It's the explosive cap from an anti-tank "Panzerfaust Modell 60" that had 0.7kg TNT in it to drive the grenade.

Panzerfaust abschussrohr

Insepection of the Panzerfaust

After they put all pieces we found in their crate they took off.

3 pieces were still dangerous

The bomb squad said they'll do a controlled detonation in a few days.

taking the bombs home

Why were these things piled up neatly but not reported?

The police said there are some treasure hunters that search the woods with metal detectors in hope to find something with a "Hakenkreuz" on them to sell on the web. They dig up tons of equipment but don't need the bombs so they put them to the next tree and continue their search

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