API Heaven ICO

finally an ICO for an existing product

We have been busy the last year in polishing up an internal tool to a finished product.

Meet API Heaven

API Heaven

API Heaven is explained simply: It's a collection of APIs that developers can use to save time and other resources.

While I won't go into detail about every single of the (currently) 14 APIs we're offering, I'll give you a few examples:

Email validation

Not just formally but also security wise. The Email API will allow you to check if a specified Email address has been in any recent leaks (therefor you might want to warn your user) or if the Email uses a free email provider.

Nudity detection

The NSFW API works with a trained AI that analyzes an image and tells you how likely it is that this image contains nudity. Our own little success story with this was when we analyzed the images uploaded to our open source image hosting platform PictShare and found child pornography using the API so we could inform InterPol and report the uploading IP addresses.

Proxy checker

Ever since my post about how to do bad things with proxies was made public and went through the web I was asked for "proxy checking as a service" so I've created the Proxy Checker. I have improved the code and detection of bad things and am rehosting it on API Heaven.

More APIs every second month

We have pledged to create a new API every second month or all paying customers get 100 free API calls allotted to their accounts. Every other month we are improving the platform and making sure the existing APIs are as performant as they can be.

Alright so what about the ICO?

API Heaven is our first project soley funded with crypto currencies as we're trying to explore the possibilities of them as a payment system and with smart contracts.

How it works in 3 steps:

  1. Get API Heaven Clouds
  2. Get an API key
  3. Send your tokens to the address displayed on your dashboard. You'll get 1 token for every API Heaven cloud

On the Ethereum blockchain we have created a smart contract that will exchange Ethereum to ☁☁☁ clouds. 1 cloud ☁ equals one token for API Heaven. Most APIs have a cost of 1 token per call.

Using smart contracts we can keep costs for payment systems down so much that we can give you tokens much cheaper than with other payment systems.

The official and verified smart contract can be found here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3c07b3f4a6e253915d83c86707f0af07521d1cd8

How do I get clouds ☁?

The API Heaven ICO uses one of the most fair presale methods. The contract has a variable "selling" which can be true or false.

If it's false you can't currently buy clouds.

If true, use the contract

If the selling variable is set to TRUE you can use the method "sale" of the contract (address 0x3c07b3f4a6e253915d83c86707f0af07521d1cd8) and you will be alloted the value in clouds in acordance to the specified reward. In the beginning it will be 2 million clouds ☁ (=API calls) per ETH.

If you send ETH while the selling variable is set to false, you will get your investment and even the unused GAS back.

Step one: Go to MyEtherWallet.com and click on "Contracts"

Step two: Fill in the Address (0x3c07b3f4a6e253915d83c86707f0af07521d1cd8) and ABI. ABI can be found here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3c07b3f4a6e253915d83c86707f0af07521d1cd8#code

Step three: Select the function "sale" and log in with your wallet

Last step: After clicking on "WRITE" you will be asked how many ETH you want to send

The same can be done with Geth, Parity and all other clients that allow you to include a contract or token.

When does it start?

The sale schedule is displayed on API-Heaven.com.

Is it sale time yet?

To check if sales are active go to the contract page on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x3c07b3f4a6e253915d83c86707f0af07521d1cd8#readContract

Look at point 3 if it says "Selling" True or False.

If it says "FALSE" the sale has not started (yet)

You might want to have an eye on this variable as it might be that there will be random flash sales at much lower prices than usual.

On the page you can also check your token balance if you have already bought some using the "balanceOf" method by entering your address.

Checking the balance of an address

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