Teaching in minecraft

logic gates have never looked so good

edit Since I had so much success with my XP based grading system I thought I'd try to use actual games in my classes and of course my game of choice was Minecraft

Why minecraft? Because of Redstone

Minecraft has a material called "redstone" which can be used to build power lines and even logic gates. Since the Minecraft engine is so powerful you can use redstone to build real computers and with mods even programming language parsers.

How can you teach in minecraft?

At first I set up a server with a large map that is divided into small properties.

>> Download the map (10mb) <<

Every student gets their own piece of land

The first task is for them to occupy one piece of land on the map and build their house on it

top view of the area

side view of the area

The teaching area is on my property

Every time I teach them new things in class it's done via a projector on my property. They can look at the projector or visit me on the server. After they learned about a new logic gate or calculation method they get an Assignment

my property

How to teach it

On the official Minecraft education website you can find basically three lessons on the topic logic gates and red stone

The first lesson is provided completely with PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and performance expecations.

There is also this lesson which is similar but without handouts and worksheets.

The third one focuses more on the boolean logic.

You can find more awesome materials on https://education.minecraft.net

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